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Rhino Extrudable Wax

Cast polymer manufacturers have long recognized the benefits of using wax fillets in setting up molds for production. The smooth radii and ease of finishing from wax provide significant benefits to the user compared to clay. Gruber Supplies & Accessories has developed an extrudable wax that combines the flexibility of clay and the quality of wax. Our wax is available in 5” x 1” sticks.

Extra Hard

Box/12 Sticks – #SP1018
Case/12 Boxes – #SP1019


Box/12 Sticks – #SP1020
Case/12 Boxes – #SP1021


Box/12 Sticks – #SP1022
Case/12 Boxes – #SP1023

Extra Soft

Box/12 Sticks – #SP1024
Case/12 Boxes – #SP1025

EX-Wax™ Extrudable Tooling Wax

This well-known Extrudable Wax material offers the best characteristics of both fillet wax and modeling clay. EX-Wax leaves a smooth radius, doesn’t contain solvents, tools easily, and is extrudable. Offered in box or case quantities. A box contains 12 sticks, and weighs 2 lbs. A case contains 12 boxes of 12 sticks each, or 144 total sticks.

Manufacturers have reported much success in using EX-Wax as their radius material, particularly during hot summer months when clay use becomes difficult. In high temperatures, solvent, the ingredient in clay that makes it workable, becomes more active and can cause headaches such as the breakdown of release wax on the mold’s surface and the inability of the clay to properly hold its shape during casting. Since EX-Wax is “solvent-free”, problems in your plant relating to “gelcoat lift”, “pre-release”, and finished part appearance, are greatly reduced. EX-Wax is available in two formulations (soft and hard) based on the season during which it will be used, so please specify when ordering.

EX-Wax can be applied without heat, and extruded through our Clay (or Wax) Extruders. Use an Extruder to quickly create perfectly formed strands of EX-Wax radius material. To use Clay Extruders, you must select at least one size of Wax Extruder Tubes as well. These tubes are available for use with either the Pneumatic Clay Extruder or our Manual Clay Extruder model.

ex-wax extrudable tooling wax

Super Extra Soft

Box/12 Sticks – #02223
Case/12 Boxes – #02218


Box/12 Sticks – #02213
Case/12 Boxes – #02214


Box/12 Sticks – #02215
Case/12 Boxes – #02216


Box/12 Sticks – #02220
Case/12 Boxes – #02219

Tooling Clay

Tooling Clay is used for the same purposes as EX-Wax and Tooling Wax – to create a smooth radius between the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned. Like EX-Wax, no special applicator tools or heat are required in its use. The clay can be extruded in the size required through the Gruber Systems Clay Extruder.
Sold in 5 lb Boxes of 20 sticks or 50 lb Cases of 10 Boxes (200 sticks). Each clay stick is 4 oz and 1″ x 1″ x 5″

Soft Tooling Clay

5 lb Box (pictured)#02209A
50 lb Case#02210A

Hard Tooling Clay

Also referred to as “Firm” tooling clay because
it is firmer/harder than our Soft Tooling Clay.

5 lb Box (pictured) – #02209H
50 lb Case#02210H

Tooling Wax

Tooling Wax is used to create a smooth radius between the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned. Available in a 1 lb roll, 2 lb boxes, or Case quantities. Also called Strip Wax, Fillet Wax, Tooling Wax and other names.

wax fillets

Wax Fillets

Wax Fillets are made of a performance-proven, high melting point wax formulation for meeting a wide variety of pattern shop applications.

  • Are easily applied to straight or irregularly shaped surfaces because of their flexibility.
  • Produce and maintain accurate radii regardless of application conditions.
  • Can be applied to bare wood or coated surfaces without the use of an adhesive by using a heated fillet tool.
  • Are available in 1¼ 2 lb. rolls and 2 lb. boxes (24″ straight pieces).

Tooling Wax 1/8 Diameter 1 lb

Tooling Wax – 1/16″ Diameter Bead

1 lb Roll#01037
2 lb Roll#01038

Tooling Wax – 1/8″ Diameter Bead

1 lb Roll – #01039
20 lb Case of 20 (Twenty) 1 lb Rolls – #010400

Tooling Wax – 3/16″ Diameter Bead

1 lb Roll – #01041
20 lb Case of 20 (1 lb) Rolls – #010420
2 lb Box – #01042

Clay/Wax Extruders

The Gruber Pneumatic or Manual Clay Extruder offers a convenient way to quickly create an exacting bead of wax or clay for mold setup. Two types are available – a lower cost “manual” extruder, and a more expensive, automated (pneumatic) operated extruder.

manual clay extruder

Manual Clay Extruder

This extruder is manually operated.


Product Details

pneumatic clay extruder

Pneumatic Clay Extruder

This extruder requires a compressed air supply line to operate.


Product Details


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Waxing Tools

waxing tools

Wax (and Clay) Radius Tools

Quickly create a smooth, clean wax radius with these handy, simple hand tools that work well and reduce fatigue. Three sizes available.

1/4 – 1/8″ Radius – #01031 (far right)
1/2 – 3/8″ Radius – #01032 (far left)
3/4 – 5/8″ Radius – #01033 (middle)