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abrasive grain calcined alumina

Abrasive Grain – Calcined Alumina

Calcined Alumina is used extensively for a wide variety of cleaning, polishing, and deburring applications because of its unique crystal structure. It is the most widely used abrasive, generally used for ferrous alloys, non-ferrous, and thermoset plastics. Its particles are made up of many smaller crystals that extend the abrasive and polishing action.

A range of grades is offered based on abrasive properties and particles sizes with quality control that assures consistancy of abrasiveness for each shipment. Several cost effective GB (green line) grades produced with recycled content are also available.

GB-50  Gives color but mostly intended for a mild cut.

B-75  High quality color grain intended for the high luster on stainless steel, non-ferrous and plastic products.

B-200  A more aggressive grain, but with a very fine particle size. Useful when intermediate cut is needed.

B-400  A medium abrasive product for more aggressive applications.

B-500  Widely used for properties that are unique. Excellent for flatware, cookware and small appliances.

GB-600  Gives color but mostly intended for a good cut prior to a second operation with B-75 or equivalent.

B-800  High cut but still maintains color properties.

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abrasive grain calcined alumina abrasive grain calcined alumina abrasive grain calcined alumina