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Flame Retardant & Smoke Suppressant Products

Marshall Additive Technologies (MAT), part of The RJ Marshall Company, is the premier supplier of antimony oxide replacement flame retardant synergist products and is the leading expert in this type of technology.

The MAT antimony replacement products include economic alternatives to antimony oxide in PVC systems.

MAT can also supply all of your smoke suppressant needs. MAT products include molybdate products and low cost molybdate replacement products.

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Flame Retardant Synergists for Halogen FR Systems

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Smoke Suppressant Products for PVC

Aluminum Trihydroxide (ATH) Products

Natural Magnesium Hydroxide Products

Zinc-containing FR and SS Products

MAT continues to develop new products for FR synergist and smoke suppressant market applications.

When your development project starts, contact the RJM MAT technical team for help in selecting just the right product for your needs or to suit your customer’s application.

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flame retardants smoke suppressants flame retardant smoke suppressants flame retardant smoke suppressant