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illuminated color effect

Illuminated Color Effect

This translucent filler gives you the look of frosted glass with the properties of solid surface at an affordable price. When combined with backlight, they impart a dramatic, illuminated effect. ICE can be manufactured as a solid surface or can be poured behind a gelcoat in a cultured marble application.


The basic equipment needed for the solid surface manufacturing includes a vacuum mixer or continuous casting machine with a densifier, appropriate molds, table sander, and necessary saws and routers. For gravity cast manufacturing, a mixer and molds are needed. (For additional information, please see our paper entitled “Solid Surface Manufacturing”)

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

white ice sb 7500

ICE SB 7500 White

winter ice 7501

ICE SB 7501 Winter

vanilla ice sb 7505

ICE SB 7505 Vanilla

amber ice sb 7510

ICE SB 7510 Amber

strawberry ice sb 7515

ICE SB 7515 Strawberry

peach ice sb 7517

ICE SB 7517 Peach

melon ice sb 7518

ICE SB 7518 Melon

lemon ice sb 7520

ICE SB 7520 Lemon

kiwi ice sb 7530

ICE SB 7530 Kiwi

emerald ice 7535

ICE SB 7535 Emerald

jade 7538

ICE SB 7538 Jade

sky ice 7540

ICE SB 7540 Sky

Colors are representative and may vary.

Final product determination must be based on using the material in your process.


Please be aware that, due to translucent nature of ICE, supports, under-mount sink flanges, and dabs of silicone will show through your finished parts. When ICE is laminated together for a thicker appearance, such as in a drop-edge or seam block, the laminated areas will appear darker due to reduced light transmission. These natural effects, however, can be worked into your design schemes for a unique aesthetic appearance.

Product Gallery

illuminated color effect illuminated color effect illuminated color effect