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stone ridge spray granite extreme

Stone Ridge Spray Granite Extreme

Get the large aggregate look of engineered stone or natural granite with Stone Ridge Spray Granite Extreme (SGE) Series. SGE is shipped as a non hazardous, non flammable material and will last indefinitely if properly stored.


♦ 21 “large chip” colors
♦ Outstanding coverage
♦ Less shrinkage then thermoplastic granule products
♦ Superior bonding with you quality gelcoat system
♦ The ability to mix only what you need when you need it
♦ Extraordinary cost savings compared to “wet” ready to spray systems

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

bahama sand sge 376

SGE 376 Bahama Sand

boulder sge 245

SGE 245 Boulder

caramel corn sge 397

SGE 397 Caramel Corn

cayenne sge 845

SGE 845 Cayenne

chocolate fudge sge 383

SGE 383 Chocolate Fudge

clam shell sge 317

SGE 317 Clam Shell

latte sge 311

SGE 311 Latte

hazelnut sge 386

SGE 386 Hazelnut

maize sge 361

SGE 361 Maize

milky way sge 425

SGE 425 Milky Way

moonscape sge 263

SGE 263 Moonscape

rocky trail sge 348

SGE 348 Rocky Trail

snow drift sge 213

SGE 213 Snow Drift

cotton wood sge 217

SGE 217 Cotton Wood

desert road sge 303

SGE 303 Desert Road

frost sge 225

SGE 225 Frost*

quarry sge 332

SGE 332 Quarry

vesuvius sge 463

SGE 463 Vesuvius*

arcadia sge 222

SGE 222 Arcadia*

empire sge 285

SGE 285 Empire*

sequoia sge 306

SGE 306 Sequoia*

Spray Granite Advantage Page

Colors are representative and may vary.
Final product determination must be based on using the material in your process.
* Indicates use of reflective additives.


Spray Granites can be effectively sprayed from a cup gun, hopper gun, pressure pot, granite spray system or a dry hopper system. We recommend using a #9 nozzle (9/32 inch orifice).

Spraying Technique & Overflows:

Spray using multiple cross directional passes to ensure an even build-up and apply a total film thickness to 40- 50 mils wet or until the mold is covered to opacity. Avoid excess material build up in corner radiuses. Spraying under the overflows is particularly difficult. Make sure that extra care is taken to get good coverage in that area.

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stone ridge spray granite stone ridge spray granite extreme stone ridge spray granite extreme stone ridge spray granite extreme stone ridge spray granite extreme stone ridge spray granite extreme


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