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Get the translucent small chip, concrete or textured quartz look in a solid surface with Crystalline series.

Crystalline (CYL) series is an easy to cast solid surface filler that provides that monochromatic, translucent small chip, concrete or textured quartz appearance. Crystalline is offered in 4 color choices or choose Crystalline 312 Base and customize the color as desired.


♦ Easy to mix and pour, one bag filler
♦ Excellent stain and water resistance
♦ Easy to clean
♦ Nonporous and hygienic
♦ Repairable & renewable
♦ Class A fire retardant possible when mixed at 65-75% filler loading

Color Gallery

cyl216 coastal

CYL216 Coastal

cyl399 greige

CYL399 Greige

cyl273 ash

CYL273 Ash

cyl294 cinder

CYL294 Cinder

Crystalline 312 Base

This is the unpigmented base filler used in the Crystalline series. With this option you can create your own custom color by adding the liquid or powder pigment color of your choosing. This allows for one base filler with an unlimited, customizable color pallet that maintains the translucent small chip, concrete or textured quartz appearance of Crystalline.

cyl312 base

CYL312 Base

Colors are representative and may vary.
Final product determination must be based
on using the material in your process.


The basic equipment needed for solid surface manufacturing includes a vacuum mixer or continuous casting machine with a densifier, appropriate molds, table sander, and necessary saws and routers. Sanding and finishing the Crystalline series is necessary to expose the translucent chip layer.