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reflections additives


The Metal Flake (MFL) series are polymer based, random cut flakes that give a highly reflective big chip appearance when added at only 0.25 – 0.50% by weight to a pound of spray or pour granite matrix.
Metal Flake is currently featured in some SGE and SFHD colors.

Product codes: MFL Chrome, MFL Copper, MFL Gunmetal, MFL Sand
Listed below with average cut size.

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

mfl chrome

MFl Chrome 1/8th

mfl copper

MFL Copper 1/8th

mfl gunmetal

MFL Gunmetal 1/8th

mfl sand

MFL Sand 1/16th

Reflections Additives

Reflections is a polyester and ATH based metallic additive that can be blended into our granite fillers to bring your products a dramatic effect. The material is Class I flame and smoke retardant, as well as chemical and stain resistant. Reflections gives a sparkle effect to granite filler allowing you to offer a wider variety of appearances by easily adding them at 5-10% dry weight to your existing fillers.

Product codes:
RFL Silver, RFL Gold, RFL Copper, RFL Blue

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

rfl silver

RFL Silver

rfl gold

RFL Gold

rfl copper

RFL Copper

rfl blue

RFL Blue

Actual color and granule size will vary.

Final product determination must be based on casting in your resin and process.