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densified granite effect

Densified Granite Effect & Luxury Granite Series

The Densified Granite Effect Series (DGE) and Luxury Granite Series (LXS) was developed to supply the most striking and up-to-date granite effect patterns available on the market. Since our original twelve-color product launch in 1991, the R.J. Marshall Company has kept pace with current design trends and is staying at the forefront of technical research.


Every component of a Densified Granite Effect (DGE, LXS, LXX, LXXSE) filler—from ATH, to granules, to finished mix— is processed and quality controlled at an R.J. Marshall manufacturing facility, guaranteeing batch-to-batch consistency and superior overall performance. Whether you use them in solid surface or cultured marble applications, DGE fillers will provide outstanding thermal shock performance and a Class A fire retardancy with a 65-70% filler loading. DGE fillers offer you the advantages of excellent chemical and stain resistance in solid surface applications.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our DGE color palettes? Our color development team has created hundreds of special blends. (For additional information, please see our paper entitled “Solid Surface Manufacturing”)

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

arctic lxx 202

Arctic LXX 202

flurries dge 200

Flurries DGE 200

tapioca lxs 219

Tapioca LXS 219

seashell lxs 206

Seashell LXS 206

cashmere dge 205

Cashmere DGE 205

blizzard lxs 203

Blizzard LXS 203

biscay lxx 204 se

Biscay LXX 204 SE

angora lxs 355

Angora LXS 355

venetian sand lxs 319

Venetian Sand LXS 319

aurora dge 305

Aurora DGE 305

sandalwood lxs 365

Sandalwood LXS 365

autumn dge 307

Autumn DGE 307

sandy beach dge 300

Sandy Beach DGE 300

riverstone DGE 335

Riverstone DGE 335

walnut toffee dge 330

Walnut Toffee DGE 330

navajo lxs 345

Navajo LXS 345*

desert rock lxs 315

Desert Rock LXS 315

whole wheat dge 310

Whole Wheat DGE 310

aggregate lxs 320

Aggregate LXS 320

cobblestone lxs 322

Cobblestone LXS 322

boston brown lxx 336

Boston Brown LXX 336

peach freeze dge 800

Peach Freeze DGE 800

mocha dge 321

Mocha DGE 321

honey oat lxs 398

Honey Oat LXS 398

peanut brittle lxs 388

Peanut Brittle LXS 388

spanish moss dge 625

Spanish Moss DGE 625

winter pines lxs 630

Winter Pines LXS 630

lake michigan dge 750

Lake Michigan DGE 750

blue jeans dge 725

Blue Jeans DGE 725

concrete dge 281

Concrete DGE 281

gravel lxs 240

Gravel LXS 240*

storm clouds lxs 230

Storm Clouds LXS 230

moonstone lxs 235

Moonstone LXS 235*

pewter dge 210

Pewter DGE 210

lunar lxs 212

Lunar LXS 212*

obsidian dge 420

Obsidian DGE 420

silverado lxx 905

Silverado LXX 905*

charcoal dge 400

Charcoal DGE 400

copper ridge lxx 903

Copper Ridge LXX 903*

gold rush lxx 904

Gold Rush LXX 904*

Colors are representative and may vary.

Final product determination must be based on using the material in your process.

*Indicates use of reflective additives.

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densified granite effect densified granite effect densified granite effect