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ATH for Tooling Resin Systems

MaxTool products are engineered alumina trihydrate (ATH) fillers with unique particle size distribution developed for use in tooling resin systems. MaxTool products are produced with careful attention to SQC (statistical quality control) and provide improved processing, reduced cost and lower VOC’s versus unfilled systems.

  • Faster Tool Production
    MaxTool allows faster laminate development with less heat build up.

  • Low Shrinkage
    MaxTool reduces shrinkage resulting in less tool stress, no print through, delamination or surface distortion.

  • Reduced Cost
    MaxTool can replace up to 50% of resin by weight, thus reducing your resin costs.

  • Lower VOC’s
    MaxTool will reduce your VOC emissions by reducing tooling resin content.

Product Line:

MaxTool815 – Utilizes our “state of the art” filler technology allowing you to fill your tooling resin up to 50% by weight with minimal viscosity build.

MaxTool710 – Test results show a decrease in viscosity build as compared to other filler systems at similar loading percentages which allows increased filler percentage maximizing the overall benefits of using a filled resin system.

MaxToolLite170 – Features all the benefits of MaxTool 710 with a 25% weight reduction in the laminate as compared to MaxTool 710 and 815.


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