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Densified Granite Effect &
Luxury Granite Series

densified granite effect

Preblended granite effect fillers in a variety of colors and textures.

Spray Granite
Extreme / Advantage

stone ridge spray granite extreme

Sprayable granite effect in a variety of colors and large & small textures.

Dense Fill

dense fill

Alumina Trihydrate specifically blended and controlled for solid surface mfg.

Densified Color Granules
(DC, HG, & DX Blends)

solid surface

Patented color chips used in our granite effect blends & customized concentrated mixes.

Reflections /
Metal Flake

reflectons additives

Additives that will give a sparkle effect to cast or spray granite.

Stone Fill HD / Stone Fill
Cast Granite Effect

Preblended granite effect filler for beautiful cast granite products.

Lightweight Filler

Save weight & improve thermal shock results of your cast polymer products.

Onyx Fill

onyx fill

Alumina Trihydrate filler blended and controlled for cast polymer onyx applications.

Marble Dust /
Calcium Carbonate

A variety of fillers offered from strategic locations for cast polymer marble mfg.

Spray Granite Filler

Monochromatic easy to spray decorative and functional coating.

Solid Surface Filler

Monochromatic, translucent small chip, concrete or textured quartz appearance filler.

Solid Surface Filler

Bold, dramatic, high contrast appearance with large and translucent granules filler.