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spray granite advantage for pools and spas

Spray Granite Advantage for Pools and Spas

Spray Granite Advantage is a beautiful and economical option for pool and spa surfaces. The technology behind our spray granite materials (SGP) is superior in chemistry and design, resulting in unsurpassed quality and long term durability. SGP products have an engineered particle size distribution, with the focus on building opacity in the thinnest layer practical to yield the best economics.

The surface finish will have an impact on the overall appearance and ambiance of the pool or spa. The color of the surface finish will affect the water’s color appearance and give it various reflective qualities. Using Spray Granite Advantage for Pools and Spas will provide water color options such as deep blues to sky blues or teals. A patterned finish also helps mask debris and gives it a high quality appearance. Many of the colors in the SGP line contain a reflective additive for more shimmer.

Spray Granite Advantage for Pools and Spa products require a two week lead time.

Color Gallery – click to enlarge

stone sgp sb 260

SGP SB 260 Stone

volcano sgp sb 265

SGP SB 265 Volcano

island sand sgp sb 326

SGP SB 326 Island Sand

coast sgp sb 327

SGP SB 327 Coast

north shore sgp sb 328

SGP SB 328 North Shore

surf mist sgp sb 705

SGP SB 705 Surf Mist

clear water sgp sb 715

SGP SB 715 Clear Water

reef water sgp sb 721

SGP SB 721 Reef Water

maui blue sgp 733

SGP SB 733 Maui Blue

blue surf sgp sb 735

SGP SB 735 Blue Surf

hawaiian ocean sgp sb 741

SGP SB 741 Hawaiian Ocean

deep water sgp sb 760

SGP SB 760 Deep Water

Colors are representative and may vary.

Final product determination must be based on using the material in your process.