Pulpro is a near white calcium carbonate design for use as a resin filler in pultrusion and/or in fiberglass spray up manufacturing. R.J. Marshall offers 4 distinct sizes. Pulpro 3, a three micron calcium carbonate. Pulpro 8, an eight micron calcium carbonate. Pulpro 10, a ten micron calcium carbonate and Pulpro 20, a twenty micron calcium carbonate product.

Typical Properties    
Specific Gravity2.712.712.712.71
Free Moisture (%)<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.2
Loose Bulk Density (lb/ft3)304747N/A
Average Particle Size (microns)3.27.51022

Calcium Sulfate

CS265X is a ground dihydrate grade of calcium sulfate containing 20.1% water of hydration. The waters of hydration provide good flame and smoke suppression in a variety of room temperature cured thermoset composite applications.

Typical Properties 
CaSO4-2H2O97% min
Combined Moisture20.10%
Free Moisture0.1%
Specific Gravity2.32
Mohs Hardness2.0
+50 mesh0%
+100 mesh1%
+200 mesh9%
+325 mesh28%

*Gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral and is not a color controlled product.
Shifts in color are to be expected in this product.