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New MAT Website Launched

The R.J. Marshall Company launches new website dedicated to the Marshall Additive Technologies Division (MAT).

Marshall Additive Technologies (MAT), a division of The R.J. Marshall Company, is a premier supplier of highly effective flame retardant and smoke suppressant additives. MAT specializes in cost effective replacements for antimony trioxide and ammonium octamolybdate. MAT also offers flame retardant and smoke suppressant synergist alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc borate, zinc stannate and zinc hydroxystannate.

The MAT Division is constantly working on developmental materials designed for specific fire retardance and smoke suppression applications, combining enhanced char formation with synergistic effects. We welcome the opportunity to discuss unique needs and to solve fire retardance and smoke suppression problems. MAT has a commitment to advancing the technology of the markets they serve. We have engaged an experienced and resourceful “Tech Team” to help develop new ideas in order to solve problems and advance ideas into productive innovation.

Find out what MAT can do for you here: https://mat.rjmarshall.com